A Haven for Mum!

Let’s make a haven where mum can carve out moments of peace for herself. 

Gifts to Pamper Mum!

Sheepskin Rugs

Add an extra layer of cushioning and style to mum’s favourite chair.  

The fluffy texture of sheepskin provides an interesting contrast when draped over chairs.

This adds visual interest to the room and creates a cosy atmosphere. 

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Here’s a cosy and comforting way for mum to stay warm during chilly weather.

It’s soft, plush and fluffy, and feels luxurious to the skin.

Make the experience of cuddling or holding a hot water bottle even more delightful! 


These soft and luxurious woollen throws double as decorative accents.

They add texture and colour while providing an extra layer of warmth.

Your mum will love them draped on sofas, chairs or beds.

Perfect for snuggling up during chilly weather.

Bean Bags and Ottomans

These versatile pieces are great for relaxation and lounging.

They can serve as extra seating in various rooms and settings, you can even bring them outdoors! 
Your mum will love these as footrests or accent pieces or something to sink into and indulge.

Cushions and Seat Pads

Sheepskin throw pillows offer a cosy and comfortable spot for relaxation.  

With its soft texture and gentle warmth, hugging or leaning against a sheepskin

throw pillow can be incredibly soothing and comforting. 

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