Our love for sheepskin started way back in 2008 while working in a Sheepskin Factory in Napier. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight as you can imagine having to endure the stench of raw sheepskin from morning ‘til noon, five days a week. At the end of day, we would go home covered in fluff and smelling more like a sheep than a person. And that’s just the best part.
Much work and effort go into the manufacturing of sheepskin from sorting the raw materials to tanning, finishing, and creating into the products we enjoy today. The experiences we’ve had in this industry and the understanding of the processes involved made us appreciate the value and importance of this beautiful material even more.

Two years after, we moved to Auckland and ventured into making and selling our own handmade baby footwear to every craft market we could join. In October 2011, fate led us to different path when we took over the former sheepskin shop at 34 Barrys Point Road in Takapuna, where we are still located and eventually renamed it to “The Sheepskin Factory”. 

We are fortunate enough to work closely with reputable NZ manufacturers and suppliers who have all been very supportive of us to this day. Our customer base grew as we expanded our product range and it all continued to develop from there.
We’re now stocking mainly on New Zealand Made Sheepskin Footwear and we’re concentrating more on developing new designs for our own brand – The Sheepskin Factory.  Our range of Sheepskin Footwear is manufactured right here in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand by established footwear manufacturers and skilled craftsmen.
At the end of the day, we know that it’s all about offering the best options for our customers and making sure they’re happy with their choices.

We have become more passionate than ever to strive and provide the best Sheepskin and Wool products in the market. Their wondrous benefits have lasting positive impact in our daily life and general well being, particularly in the care of young ones and the elderly. Sounds cliché, but we do have a soft spot for them. Finding and creating the best products that would work effectively for them and for the average folks, like us, are one of our main goals.
We decided to label most of our classic NZ Made footwear with our own trademark, The Sheepskin Factory, in preparation for the many products that we wanted to design and create, targeted directly to the needs of our valued customers spanning not just footwear but also homeware, medical products, and car accessories. It is an ambitious project but it’s something that we have always wanted to do right from the start to compliment and strengthen the current range that we have.
The core strength of our brand ultimately comes from the many happy and satisfied customers we serve and we hope to continue doing so for many more years to come.

Sheepskin products have been around for more than a century and are an integral part of the kiwi lifestyle and tradition. The use of sheepskin is passed on from generation to generation and is recognized all over the world. It certainly provides unsurpassed comfort and warmth, the kiwi way.

Sheepskin Footwear– Wearing a pair is indeed life changing as it comes with heaps of benefits like helping improve circulation, keeping the skin moisturised, and making the feet warm and dry all the time. Yes, your feet won’t smell unless it already is!

Sheepskin Rugs & Seat Covers– Sheepskin and wool are not just extremely comfortable and warm in winter, but these also have amazing uses in summer. Have you ever heard the phrase, “warm in winter and cool in summer”? Try using sheepskin on your leather car seat on a hot summer day and you’ll know what I mean. Your bum will thank you for it.

Medical Sheepskin Products– Our medical products range from footwear, seat covers, to infant care, and bed underlays. These are made for the purpose of providing maximum comfort, protection, and support using carefully selected wool with much density and resiliency. The properties of sheepskin aid in the recovery of injuries and muscle pains, prevent bed sores, provide relief to pressure points to name a few.

Possum Merino Knitwear– Our luxurious knitwear is made with possum fur and merino. Possum fur is one of the best natural hollow fibres in the world that has exceptional insulation properties. This makes our knitwear extremely warm, soft to touch, and very light to wear. No need to cover in thick layers of clothing that don’t do much but make you look like you’re ready to pop.

Sheepskin is a by-product of the meat industry, which is one of NZ’s largest industries. What otherwise would go to waste are made into beautiful products that are used sustainably.

Possum is a pest in New Zealand. Sadly, they wreak havoc in NZ’s natural ecosystem. Various government and private agencies manage possum control but their effort is not enough to eliminate the threat.  Wearing possum knitwear won’t hurt at all. It will only do you and the environment some good.

We only deal with companies that observe ethical practices in this industry- from their workers to the manufacturing and distribution of their products. These companies have been in business longer than most of us has ever lived. Their commitment to the environment is one we can trust.

Compared to others in the same industry, we are fairly new. We’re still a work in progress but we are committed to giving our customers the best possible shopping experience we can provide online and instore.

We offer Products of Great Value & Quality- We stand by our product’s quality and the promise it entails to deliver. Our products and brands are carefully handpicked. We know our suppliers and we deal directly with manufacturers.
We sell Authentic New Zealand Made Products- Most of our NZ Made products have the licenced NZ Made trademark enabling customers to buy from us with confidence.

We sell our Products at Reasonable Prices- We cannot guarantee that we have the lowest prices but we can definitely say that our products are fairly and reasonably priced. It’s good for you and our business.

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