Fall for Style and Comfort!

Fall for Style and Comfort!

Embrace the changing seasons with our lightweight possum merino knitwear and accessories, cosy sheepskin slippers and rugs.

"It’s the time to indulge in nature’s own warmth for the coming autumn."

Knitwear and Accessories

Possum Merino combines the exceptional warmth, lightweight feel and breathability of

Possum fur with the luxurious softness and durability of Merino Wool.


This unique combination offers luxe comfort and high performance in all seasons,

making it an ideal choice for high-quality, eco-friendly knitwear and accessories.

Sheepskin Scuffs and Slippers

Be super comfy this autumn with our sheepskin scuffs and slippers,

providing gentle plush softness and warmth for chilly evenings.


With stylish designs and durable construction, they're perfect for home lounging or quick outings.

Pamper your feet with our sheepskin collection this season.

Sheepskin Rugs

Transform your home into a cosy sanctuary this autumn. Indulge in their blissful comfort.

Come, sink your toes into their sumptuously soft fibres, offering warmth and insulation against the falling temperature.


 Their natural hues complement the changing colors outside, creating a harmonious ambiance indoors.

Whether draped over furniture or spread on the floor, these rugs add an inviting touch to your home decor.

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