How Possum Fur products help save our forests

Economic and Ecological Impact

Did you know? The possum fur industry in New Zealand contributes significantly to the local economy.

Providing jobs and generating between 100 to 150 million dollars annually through local and international sales. 

(NZ Fur Council, 2014).


Beyond its economic benefits, the use of possum fur plays a substantial role in pest control efforts.

Possums are considered an invasive species in New Zealand and they threaten the balance of native flora and fauna in our forests.

Their controlled harvest is an essential conservation measure. 

Exceptional Qualities of Possum Fur

Possum fur is renowned for its exceptional softness and luxurious feel.


Its natural insulating properties make it ideal for making garments that provide excellent warmth without the bulk.

Possum fur blended with durable merino wool, remains remarkably lightweight, ensuring comfort and ease of movement.


The fur's natural water-resistant qualities further enhance its usefulness, making it a practical choice in maintaining warmth even in damp conditions.


From garments and accessories to blankets and footwear for children and adults, possum fur and possum merino blends offer versatility in function.

The natural beauty and sustainability of the fibre make it a preferred choice for those who value ethical and environmentally conscious fashion choices.


Join the Movement

By choosing products with possum fur, you not only support local industries but also contribute to the preservation

of New Zealand's unique ecosystem. Every purchase makes a difference in safeguarding our forests.

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