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Manuka is a flowering tea tree native to New Zealand. The honey that is collected from these flowers has long been renowned for its remarkable beneficial properties.

Manuka Honey 80+ contains special antibacterial properties including an enzyme that produces Hydrogen Peroxide which is a proven antiseptic and antibacterial agent. It is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and has the outstanding ability to nourish, soothe and heal sensitive skin.

Manuka Honey 80+ also contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals which are responsible for skin cell damage; while assisting in the growth of new cells and tissue regeneration. Additionally, Manuka Honey 80+ is a natural humectant; acting to prevent loss of moisture thereby retaining the skin’s natural moisture.

Every Wild Ferns® Manuka Honey 80+ skincare product contains premium certified New Zealand Manuka Honey 80+, Manuka Honey that has been tested under tight controls which assesses the purity of the honey-based on pollen count.

Manuka Honey

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