The All-Season Comfort of Natural Sheepskin

Our sheepskin essentials are not just for winter.

You can enjoy the cosiness of sheepskin in summer too.

The unique fiber structures create air pockets that act as insulators.

The unique crimped and springy texture of natural wool can trap and retain body heat.

Yet it also allows excess heat to escape in summer.

Plus it wicks away moisture, keeping you pleasantly comfortable. 


Warm in winter, cool in summer. That’s what makes sheepskin so fab. 


So here are a few summertime or all-season uses of sheepskin that we have rounded up. 


1. Picnic Blanket: It makes for a comfortable and eco-friendly picnic blanket, offering a cosy surface for seating.

Its natural insulation keeps you cool on warm days. 

2. Outdoor Seating: Use sheepskin as a cushion on outdoor furniture.

It adds a plush layer and is very breathable compared to synthetic alternatives.

3. Car Seat Cover: Place sheepskin covers on car seats. The natural fibers help regulate temperature

providing a cool surface in summer and warmth in winter. The plush texture has a luxurious feel

and the sheepskin’s breathability makes for a more comfortable driving experience.

4. Decorative Throws: Use sheepskin as decorative & functional throws on patio furniture or hammocks.

Its luxurious texture and natural thermo-regulating properties add cosiness and style to your outdoor spaces. 

When layered with sheepskin, your outdoor furniture will never be too hot or too cold for comfort. 

4. For Camping Comfort: Bring sheepskin rugs along for camping trips. It provides a soft,

fluffy, and insulating surface for sitting around the campfire or inside the tent.

5. Beach Mat: Sheepskin can offer a cosy alternative to traditional beach mats while lounging near the shore or by the pool.  

It’s a stylish and more comfortable way to soak up the sun and enjoy the summer breeze. 

6. For Chilly Evenings: In cooler summer evenings, drape sheepskin over your shoulders or use it as a lap blanket

to stay warm while stargazing with loved ones or enjoying a bonfire with friends.

7. Yoga Mat: For outdoor yoga sessions, sheepskin can provide a comfortable and natural grounding surface.

          8. Baby stroller liner: If you have a baby or toddler, make walks or outings more enjoyable by lining their stroller with a sheepskin rug. 

The soft and plush surface is hypoallergenic and can wick away moisture, providing extra comfort and support for your little one. 


   9. Bedside rug: Make those out-of- town overnight stays much more luxurious. Place a sheepskin rug beside your bed.

The velvety soft and plush surface will delight your feet every time you get on & off the bed. 


This summer, enjoy the versatility of sheepskin beyond its usual winter uses.

Embrace the plush comfort and style it brings to your indoor and outdoor experiences.

From picnics and barbecues to beach days and road trips to camping adventures.

Let sheepskin be your go-to companion for a season filled with fun, sun, and relaxation. 


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