The Sheepskin Factory Difference

The Sheepskin Factory Difference

When navigating the vast online marketplace for sheepskin and wool products, the options can be overwhelming. 


What distinguishes The Sheepskin Factory?

Here are reasons to consider:


Authenticity from New Zealand


Our products are proudly made in New Zealand, in partnership with established local manufacturers.

This means you're getting the real deal. Authentic, high-quality items straight from our picturesque corner of the world.


In-House Production


We create a select range including sheepskin innersoles, crochet bootie soles, pads, footwear kits,

and more, fostering local artisanal talent and ensuring a unique touch to our offerings.


Personal Touch


Looking for something specific? We offer customization for rugs and certain footwear.

Tailor sizes and colours according to your preferences. This sets us apart from generic, mass-produced offerings.


Exceptional Service


Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch customer service, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in most things sheepskin and wool, whether in-store, via phone, or online. 

Accessibility and Flexibility


Enjoy convenient shopping with in-store options 7 days a week, phone orders, and 24/7 online availability, designed to fit your schedule.


Special Consideration for Senior Citizens


Valuing senior citizens, we extend a 5% discount on all full-priced items as a gesture of appreciation. 


Hassle-Free Returns and Exchange


We make returning or exchanging items a breeze, with no handling fees, offering flexible options

for store credit or refunds when applicable.


Quality Assured


We guarantee the quality of our products, offering free repairs for eligible faults within a year of purchase.


Global Reach


We cater to customers worldwide, delivering our products to doorsteps across the globe.

Sustainability Commitment


Our suppliers adhere to sustainable and ethical practices, and we prioritise waste reduction

by utilising sheepskin offcuts and scraps effectively.


 Global Inspiration


In addition to our love for New Zealand-made goods, we proudly showcase beautiful product offerings from overseas.

This celebrates diversity and provides a wide range of styles for our customers.


 Knowledge and Expertise


With over a decade of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to integrity,

ensuring that customers receive products of the highest standard.

Choose The Sheepskin Factory, for a shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary,

offering exceptional quality, service, and care for both customers and the planet.

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