Top 7 Uses of Sheepskin Offcuts

Most of us may think that those funny-looking scraps have no use at all and chucking them in the bin is the next logical  thing to do. 

And that is quite understandable if you don’t know what to use them for.


Here at The Sheepskin Factory, we make the most of every sheepskin bit. Why? These offcuts provide the same great benefits

as the next luxurious sheepskin rug at a fraction of the cost. And with global warming and all, we need to maximize

the use of everything and minimize our waste. What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say. There really

is no trash in wool. Sustainable natural materials like this are what the world needs right now.

Our pieces are offcuts of premium New Zealand-made rugs. You are not only supporting our local industry, but you can

be assured that the materials are sourced ethically and responsibly,from the farm, tannery, manufacturing, and then to us.



1. Craft and DIY projects: Sheepskin offcuts can be used for various craft and DIY projects, such as making pillows,cushions, rugs, and blankets. They can also be used for upholstery,adding a soft and luxurious touch to furniture.


2. Clothing and accessories: Sheepskin offcuts can be used to make clothing items like hats, gloves, and slippers. They can also be used to create accessories like bags, keychains, and jewelry.


3. Pet bedding: Sheepskin offcuts can be used as comfortable and warm bedding for pets. They provide insulation and cushioning, making them ideal for pet beds and crates.


4. Medical and therapeutic purposes: Sheepskin offcuts are often used in medical and therapeutic settings. They can be used as padding for wheelchair seats, bedridden patients, and pressure sore prevention. The natural properties of sheepskin, such as its breathability and moisture-wicking abilities, make it suitable for these applications.


5. Soundproofing and insulation: Sheepskin offcuts can be used for soundproofing and insulation purposes. They can be placed on walls, floors, or ceilings to absorb sound and reduce noise levels. Additionally, sheepskin has natural insulating properties, making it useful for insulating windows, doors, and other areas where heat or cold transfer is a concern. Not just that, sheepskin can keep your drinks cool or coffee warm for longer.


6. Cleaning and polishing: Sheepskin offcuts can be used for cleaning and polishing purposes. They are gentle on surfaces and can be used to clean delicate items like jewelry, eyeglasses, and electronics. They can also be used to polish shoes, leather goods, and wooden furniture.


7. Gardening and horticulture: Sheepskin offcuts can be used in gardening and horticulture. They can be placed under potted plants to absorb excess water and prevent water damage to surfaces. They can also be used as

much or ground cover to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

Overall, sheepskin offcuts have a wide range of uses, from crafts and clothing to medical and practical applications.

Their softness, warmth, and natural properties make them versatile and valuable materials.

So the next time you see a scrap of sheepskin or leather, think twice. That piece can be transformed into a real treasure.

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