Medical Sheepskin Rug

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Medical sheepskins provide a natural and hypoallergenic surface, making them suitable for patients with sensitive skin or allergies. The soft and dense wool fibres create a cushioning effect, relieving pressure points and promoting circulation. Additionally, the sheepskin's ability to regulate temperature helps maintain a comfortable environment, preventing excessive sweating or chilling. With its remarkable qualities, a medical sheepskin proves to be an indispensable aid in enhancing patient comfort and facilitating the healing process.

The finest of New Zealand and Australian lambskins that are hand selected for their softness and density, and transformed into the highest quality comfort products of unparalleled luxury. Super soft, super supportive, and super comfy! Your perfect companion for pain and pressure relief.

Sizes Available:
  • Large 110 -119cm/43″- 47″
  • Extra large 120cm+/47″+

All sizes are tanned using environmentally friendly methods and come with the ‘Sanitized’ certification which provides a built-in deodorant & mildew barrier. It prevents the development of the germs that cause odour & material breakdown, thus making the underlay hygienic, durable & fresher giving a guarantee of lasting protection.

For more information on the benefits of sanitization click here.

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