Single Sided Circular Possum Cushion

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These beautiful circular shaped cushions are unique and made to delight you by Bec Leather. Composed from genuine possum pelts cured by a commercial tannery, they remain fully natural in colour with no exposure to dyes or bleaches.

These are nice and plush, circular cushions that are the perfect size for hugging while nestled into the couch watching your favourite movie.

The circle shaped cushions are backed with a soft butter suede that is colour matched to be darker or lighter depending on the tone of the possum fur used on the front. Brown is matched with chocolate butter suede and grey is matched with desert butter suede. 

Dimensions: Estimate 38cm x 38cm

All cushions come fully stuffed. 

Care Instructions:

  • To clean: Your cushion can be hand washed using a warm, wet cloth rung out.
  • To dry: Blow dry on a cool setting with a hair dryer or tumble dry on an airing setting.
  • It can be brushed gently with a fine tooth comb.
  • Avoid getting the leather wet.
  • Limit direct sunlight and excessive heat.

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