Medical Sheepskin Footwear

Only fine sheepskins from New Zealand and Australia are used.

The highly dense and fine wool fibres trap air and create a soft, cushioned layer.


They absorb moisture, like sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Ideal for people who seek relief from discomfort or recuperating from foot injuries.

Arthur Medical Slippers


Feature Velcro straps, making them ideal  for individuals with swollen feet.

The Velcro straps can be adjusted to reduce pressure on the feet. 

Medical Slippers 


They have an extra-wide opening with Velcro closure. 
Recommended for those who have sore or swollen feet and need
shoes that are super easy to put on but offer good coverage.

Adjustable Medical Boot


For those who are recovering from injury or for those with limited or no mobility in their ankles.

It opens smoothly for easy fitting and wraps securely with Velcro straps.

Orthotic Boots


It is unique with its wide-opening zip front that easily opens up for effortless putting on and fastening. 

Arctic Zip Boots


With full-length side zippers that make them easy to put on and take off,

while offering a snug fit for better support for feet and ankles. 


They also have  removable innersoles. Ideal for individuals with foot issues

such as plantar fasciitis who may require customized insoles.

Choose among our specifically designed medical footwear that meets the

standard for healing, recovery, and pressure sore prevention.


Only genuine sheepskin has lanolin and antibacterial properties that prevents

bacterial growth & odour and improves skin health. 

Also, consider the shoe design, sole type, and your personal requirements. 

We also have other medical-grade sheepskin products like bed underlays, wheel chair linings,

lumbar cushions, elbow pads and hot water bags, gloves and health socks. 

All made from medical-grade sheepskin that has life- changing benefits. 

Experience the difference that medical sheepskin can make!

We give discounts to Supergold Card holders!

Medical Sheepskin Footwear is designed to offer comfort, support and therapeutic benefits.

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