Infant Care Sheepskin Rug

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Our infant care rug is Sanitised™ which acts as a built-in deodorant & mildew barrier. It prevents the development of the germs that cause odour & material breakdown, thus making the rug hygienic, durable & fresher giving a guarantee of lasting protection and safe environment for your baby.

SHORT WOOL ( Sleep Sheepskin Baby Rug )
  • Soft, cosy and comforting, our short wool sheepskin rugs are ideal in baby’s cot or bassinet. Best slipped under the fitted sheet to promote a great night’s sleep for your little one.
  • The fine, natural wool fibres in sheepskin are cosy and soft, and help to regulate body temperature and absorb moisture, which all helps baby to sleep longer.
  • Wool Length: 20-25mm
LONG WOOL ( Play Sheepskin Baby Rug )
  • Snuggly and soft, our long wool sheepskin rugs are perfect for tummy time and play when your baby is up and about. They make a great familiar space for baby while they are learning to explore and move.
  • The soft, cosy fibres in natural sheepskin create a warm, familiar space for babies, helping them to feel safe and secure.
  • Wool Length: Natural 40-50mm 

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