The Sheepskin Factory Difference

When navigating the vast online marketplace for sheepskin and wool products, the options can be overwhelming.  What distinguishes The Sheepskin Factory?

How Possum Fur products help save our forests

Economic and Ecological Impact Did you know? The possum fur industry in New Zealand contributes significantly to the local economy. 

A Haven for Mum!

Let’s make a haven where mum can carve out moments of peace for herself. 

Medical Sheepskin Footwear

IS designed to offer comfort, support and therapeutic benefits. 

Fall for Style and Comfort!

Embrace the changing seasons with our lightweight possum merino

knitwear and accessories, cosy sheepskin slippers and rugs.

Baby Essentials

Wrap your little ones in the warmth and softness of the finest sheepskin and wool.

Pamper their delicate skin with our natural skincare products.

The All-Season Comfort of Natural Sheepskin

Our sheepskin essentials are not just for winter.

You can enjoy the cosiness of sheepskin in summer too.a

Experience unmatched comfort!

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers are fantastic year-round. They not only protect seats from

damage but also provide warmth in the winter and keep you cool in the summer. 

On Twinning Outfits and Building Bonds

It's heartwarming to see the bond between a child and their father. While this connection is built on shared experiences and quality time together, it can be beautifully expressed through fashion too.

Top 7 Uses of Sheepskin Offcuts

Most of us may think that those funny-looking scraps have no use at all and chucking them in the bin is the next logical thing to do. And that is quite understandable if you don’t know what to use them for.

Decorating with Neutral-Coloured Furnishings 

Using neutral coloured furnishings is a reliable way to decorate a room without overpowering other design elements.  It is easy to coordinate with various colour palettes. Offering endless possibilities for creating harmonious interiors.

6 Ways to Transform Your Home with Sheepskin and Wool

A cosy home nourishes our well-being and soothes our senses. Among the many ways to create a warm and inviting abode is to use sheepskin. It is a timeless and eco-friendly choice that exudes comfort and luxury. Furnishings, decor and accessories made of sheepskin or wool can transform any space into a haven.

10 Benefits of Using Sheepskin Innersoles

Sheepskin innersoles offer a range of benefits that contribute to comfort, health,

and overall well-being. Here are 10 benefits of using sheepskin innersoles:

Our Popular Styles of Sheepskin Scuffs & Slippers

Walk this way for comfort, quality and style.

Check out our popular styles of scuffs and slippers.

Styling Ideas For Your Sheepskin Footwear!

For our shoes, comfort is key.

It's so comfy, you'd want to wear it all the time!

Here are some ways to look stylish while keeping yor feet ultra cozy.

Visit Us in Takapuna!

The Sheepskin Factory is the only store in the area with an extensive range

of sheepskin footwear, rugs, and homeware. Come visit us at

34 Barrys Point Road and explore our community after you shop! 

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